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At Gujarat GPS we are one of the core producer and manufactures of GPS products that are high is quality, class and pass all standards in testing and analysis. We have always given quality utmost priority. The components or spare parts used for various equipments are manufactured or at times brought from top branded manufacturers all over the world. Our decade long existence in this industry depicts how happy and satisfied our customers are with us. We are so confident and proud of our products that we offer a long warranty and at times even guarantee on almost all of our products. We also have one of the largest network and chain of dealers across India to take care of the need of GPS devices efficiently and quickly.

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Knowing the fact that these days GPS tracking systems are becoming the backbone of all industries, we have incorporated many new compactly designed devices which can be of great help. Also we are aware of the fact that not only industries use GPS systems and devices quite often, even normal human being use it on regular basis. It’s a bane for all those parents who are worried about their child’s security, a charm for those who wish to keep an eye on their drivers as well as other employees so as to keep a track of their existence, where are their vehicles being used, its fuel consumption etc. One can be in total control of your car or fleet by using our AIS 140 GPS systems and devices.

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At Gujarat GPS we have a diverse product range like GT06N, GT800, MT200, Coban 303F, TR02, TK103. These AIS 140 GPS Device products can cover almost each tracking use, a simple man can have. All these range of products are quite reasonable in prices as well as very portable in size. They don’t produce any sound or emit any sort of lights or radiations, thus keeping the intruder unaware that he’s been watched for his deeds. For instance if a vehicle theft is taking place, one can use our Vehicle Tracking System. This device time to time notifies the manager about his vehicle, its whereabouts, its speed, fuel consumption etc.

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These days as bikes are becoming a new trend our various bike tracking systems and devices help in keeping your bike safe and secured. If your bike is being stolen and you have pre-installed the Bike Tracking Device then you can track the intruder and get your bike back. Similar is the case with the Car Tracking System. These devices keep the user updated about any change in position of their bike or car. Is it safe in the parking lot etc. through SMS.

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Apart from vehicle tracking devices we are proud manufactures of personal tracking devices as well. Like GT300, GT03A, GK309, This devices is very useful and helpful to the mankind as it reduces stress and keeps the track of the well being of their beloved ones. These devices are used to keep a track of your near and dear ones when they are out of reach.

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