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About Gujarat GPS

When it comes to security, reliability and trust Gujarat GPS has always fulfilled and crossed this milestone. We are one of the core producers and manufactures of AIS 140 GPS devices in India. Our founder Mr. Rajan Chadha founded RoadPoint India Limited and had dreamed of empowering the nation with easy to use and economical devices that help everyone In Today’s time when knowing the position of a commodity is necessary GPS devices come quite handy. For instance if the manager of a fleet company wants to keep a track of his vehicles, that where and all his vehicles are going and being used, halting points, over speed if any, fuel consumption etc, then he can buy fleet racking systems from Gujarat GPS.

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A lot of money is invested in the maintenance of vehicles and their fuel consumption so these devices keep a track of all these things as well. Another example can be the use of personal tracking systems that help in knowing the location of a person by their beloved ones. Indeed when going to camping or having old aged parents, this personal tracking system is a boon for humans. It keeps on notifying the person about the location of their beloved ones as per the settings were done.

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We have deployed Engineers and Technicians that are par excellent in their job and research work. All of them have experienced more than a decade or so. They have always prayed work as their God and have never disappointed our valuable customers. They have been with us for quite a lot of time now and know our customers’ requirements. All the products at Gujarat AIS 140 GPS are quite affordable and don’t poke a hole in your pocket. All our equipment's go under vigorous checks before supplying them in market and stores.

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These checks are made by our experts in real life so as to understand the problems that may occur in the usage of these products. This check also ensures that if at all there’s any scope of improvement or debugging then the same can be done. The software’s used in our equipments are tried and tested many times. This software’s are developed by many renowned engineers.

At Gujarat GPS one can find vehicle tracking Systems and real-time tracker device as per their needs and desire. We are the only company that provides our valuable customers with “Tailor-made GPS Services.” That is we customize the software, design of the device etc as per the users requirement. Along with customization devices, we also provide Vehicle tracking systems and devices, Personal tracking systems and devices, Car tracking devices, Bike tracking Devices etc. Our devices are quite compact in size.

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Our devices don’t vibrate or create any awful noise so that anyone can know that GPS Devices have been installed. At Gujarat GPS one need not worry about quality and after sale services. We have always helped and reached out to our customers in every possible way. Happy customers are our source of encouragement and motivation. Some said that if the quality of products and services and excellent then people will surely recommend and visit the place again. We have imbibed this thought on our services and are satisfied with whatever we have.

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